"I think of NEXTV as a strategic marketing partner. Jim’s ability to translate a product’s USP into a wholly unique commercial has proved successful time and again. Our collaborations make great things happen!"
Andy, CEO - Ideavillage Products Corp
Anand “Andy” Khubani
CEO & Founder, Ideavillage Products Corp
"Jim never ceases to amaze me with his creativity, his work ethic and his flawless execution. He's able to adapt in an ever changing world to connect with buyers and help build brands. He's a true partner and I look forward to long and successful relationship."
Giuseppe Landolfo, Director - Television & Media Production
Giuseppe Landolfo
VP of Media Production, TeleBrands & BulbHead


We at NEXTV take great pride in being a true Marketing and Advertising partner for your company. We work to understand your product or service, the purpose and the problem it solves. Then we help craft a marketing and advertising campaign that connects with your consumer and compels them to act.

Our track record speaks volumes. We create successful campaigns that provide exceptional results.

NEXTV - Your Marketing Partner
NEXTV - Your Turn Key Production Solution

Your Turn Key Production Solution

We know how tiring it can be finding the right company for your production needs. 

With NEXTV you don’t have to worry. As a full service marketing and advertising company, we offer services from the inception to the final delivery. We bring the latest trends and techniques in video production that corresponds to the industry standards. 

Doesn’t matter if your project is big or small, we can deliver professionally finished product that is sure to meet and exceed your expectations. Hire NEXTV or learn more