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5 Reasons Why NexTV is the Best Choice for Video Production

Thinking about hiring a video production agency? If the answer is yes, you need to consider NexTV. Here are five reasons why. 1. We have over twenty-five years of experience.  When it comes to choosing a good video production agency, experience is key. Experience can mean many things, years in the business, type, and quality

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5 Tips to Make Your Next Commercial a Success

Commercials are a big part of a brand’s success. A good commercial can cement your company in a customer’s mind. The best commercials also get shared with a friend, thus increasing the reach of your message.  In today’s multi-media landscape, it is crucial to create a commercial that will reach people no matter the medium.

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See How Infomercials Can Skyrocket Your Sales

Direct-response television (DRTV), commonly known as infomercials, has launched brands and products, making millions of dollars for entrepreneurs or big businesses. Whether it’s a skin product that makes you look years younger, a diet that makes you pounds thinner, or a cleaning product that makes your floors shine, infomercials work. Many infomercials air between 1

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Shooting a DRTV Commercial

Useful Tips for a Successful DRTV Advertising Campaign

Direct response television (DRTV) is any form of advertising that prompts the viewer to take action. That can be to call an 800 number or visit a website, phone a politician; you name it. Like any form of advertising, however, DRTV does have techniques and tips that can maximize your chances of success. Whether you’re

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