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  • Over $200 Million of Combined Revenue Generated for Our Clients
  • Over 25 years of Experience in Video Production & Marketing

Meet Our Team

James "Jim" Burghoffer

James "Jim" Burghoffer

Having a 20-year career in product design, manufacturing, and distribution, Jim brings a unique and valuable perspective to product positioning and creative messaging. Prior to accepting commercial work, Jim puts a product through grueling paces. This allows him to evaluate the product’s performance, experience the various uses first hand, discover hidden or unknown attributes or benefits, as well as predict future customer satisfaction. This level of due diligence and product intimacy is typically found only among the client’s R&D team. However, it is through full emersion that the product receives the best opportunity for commercial success.

An inventor, Jim spent several years as a member of the R&D team at a leading As Seen On TV company. His business acumen, along with his metrics driven DRTV background, provides clients with a marketing partner that understands the need for ROI.

Mariam Bakashvili, Account Executive

Mariam Bakashvili

Line Producer

Mariam plays a key role in understanding clients’ needs and then organizing the creative and administrative staff to help produce effective DRTV campaigns.
Dave Camera Man

Dave Carlucci

Director of Photography

Working to bring the Creative Director’s vision to life, Dave is a gifted and talented DP. Mindful of working within a client’s budget and timeline, he brings an efficiency and speed to each production without sacrificing the quality.
Danny Graham, Photographer

Danny Graham


With years of experience under his belt, Danny is well-versed in product, event, commercial, and portrait photography. An avid photographer, Danny is rarely seen without a camera. He enjoys experimenting with light and angles to produce candid images that capture nuances others simply miss.

Jon Amodeo, Music & Sound Design

Jon Amodeo

Music & Sound Design

An accomplished composer, studio musician, and multi-instrumentalist, Jon has performed in and produced numerous award-winning commercials, documentaries and films. He is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who’s talents have graced many successful commercial soundtracks.