Hamper Hoops DRTV Case Study From NEXTV

Hamper Hoops Logo

Hamper Hoops was the brainchild of our founder James Burghoffer. He realized that one of the ways to make kids clean up their rooms was gamification. He created a prototype and presented it to one of the biggest companies in As Seen on TV industry. The product got picked up right away and NEXTV went on to brainstorm the DRTV spot that would make it a hit.

The commercial for Hamper Hoops had to be compelling for both kids and parents. We ingested the spot with high energy and fun to have kids excited about the product as well as the parents. On top of that Hamper Hoops doubled as a regular basket for basketball. This made the product even more fun to children.

For the parents, we created strong demos showcasing the product’s irresistible convenience and ease of use. They didn’t have to break their backs trying to collect the clothes off the floor anymore. We also wanted to give the parents the satisfaction of seeing their kids clean up their rooms.

Hamper Hoops was an immediate success and had a long DRTV and retail run