Magic Pens DRTV Case Study From NEXTV

Magic Pens

Two Production Companies had tried to bring this amazing arts and crafts product to life, and failed. Unwilling to accept failure, the manufacturer and distributor called NEXTV to learn what could be done differently to create a hit product.

Our team sat down to analyze the previous commercials. The visuals were good but we noticed that the message was confusing to the audience. It was not very clear what exactly Magic Pens did and why they were so special.

Once we understood the core problem, a new challenge arose. How can we make the demos come to life? We wanted to create the sense of wonder in the audience while showcasing Magic Pens’ full potential. It was challenging as our budget was very low.

We went with demos in different scenarios to show how fun the markers were. Stop-motion and SFX made pictures pop and come to life, which brought Magic Pens to the forefront of the commercial. The message now was crystal clear and easy to understand for anyone, even the small kids.

Product sales went through the roof. Delivering one of the Company’s lowest children’s product CPOs in history (single digit). Magic Pens
enjoyed a successful DRTV and Retail run. It also resulted in a long-term fruitful partnership.